Monday, October 27, 2008

start of abstraction

While working on the money and toy-based work, non-photo backgrounds were usually abstract and meant to be backgrounds. As I tired of the toys the backgrounds became more interesting to me, and I staring messing around looking for images that could stand alone. There were an awful lot of images created as I bounced around between geometrics and organics, lines and solids, a few red-blue anaglyphic experiments, but for one reason or another most of them did not meet my expectations. In many of the images there were passages that held great promise, but as a whole cohesiveness was missing.


Other aspects that bothered me were working on the iBook with limited memory and a ridiculous obsession with eliminating the look of computer-generated work from computer-generated work. It took some time but I finally learned to embrace the pixel. The piece below was the beginning of the transformation.

black and white 1

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