Wednesday, October 29, 2008

first outdoor scans | 2008


For a long time I’ve been trying to think if there was a way to have a pinhole scanner. Crazy, and perhaps stupid, but considering when I was in college — before PCs — I wanted to do the same to a Xerox machine, hoping to increase the depth of field above the platen. I also wanted to place a video monitor on a Xerox machine and photocopy live video, so one can see that the pinhole scanner idea wasn’t much of a leap in any direction. Actually, after some googling, it seems there are number of folks who’ve had the same idea and some success. Here is a link to an old thread about pinhole scanners etc. As I find better sites I’ll amend this post.

At any rate, I have a Canon N1220U flatbed that is very light and portable, so instead of trying to retrofit the scanner and probably rendering the thing useless, I decided try some outdoor scans. 

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